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Aunt Joan’s Zucchini Boats

I like to say that I grew up “summering” in eastern Iowa. Forget the Cape or some lakeside retreat, my memories of summer involve loads of cousins, green lawns and hills to run around on, sprinklers, pools, tractors, and family. I have such great memories that, to this day, the smell of manure and pork […]

Grilled Romaine

Grilled romaine? Really, grilled lettuce? Yes! So easy, so quick. The grill adds a slightly smoky flavor to the lettuce and just slightly wilts the leaves. It’s perfect for a Caesar Salad and also works great with other strong flavors like bleu cheese and bacon. Add a piece of grilled chicken or steak to the […]

Zucchini’s Gift: Squash Blossoms

On my third try growing summer squash this year, I have finally have blossoms and actual squash growing. I know, right? Who can’t grow summer squash? I mean, in late August, you can’t give the stuff away. Somehow, my own summer squash has alluded me. Alas, this year is looking good; and, I have squash […]

Boatloads of Basil

Every time I see loads of basil springing from my garden or the markets, I think – basil, tomato, mozzarella. Sandwich or salad? The classic combination never gets old for me. But, given the enormous amounts of basil screaming to be picked from my garden, I needed to think up something new to try. I […]

New Rifts on Winter Squash

Mud season is here!  Awesome.  This gives me some hope that the big yellow glowing orb in the sky may actually make its way north of Massachusetts and hang around for more than a day.  I’m not fully convinced yet.  Until then, I’m still eating and cooking with winter vegetables.  Mercifully, there are still some […]