Zucchini’s Gift: Squash Blossoms

Squash blossoms on plant

On my third try growing summer squash this year, I have finally have blossoms and actual squash growing. I know, right? Who can’t grow summer squash? I mean, in late August, you can’t give the stuff away. Somehow, my own summer squash has alluded me. Alas, this year is looking good; and, I have squash blossoms right now.

I still remember a dish I had involving goat cheese stuffed squash blossoms – the warm cheese just ballooning out of the delicate but somehow crisp flower. I thought about attempting those, even had the ingredients, the recipe, but then just wasn’t feeling it. It was one of those days were suddenly its past seven and hungry eyes were staring desperately at me. Game plan change – need something quick and simple and involves squash blossoms and other random ingredients. Why not sauté everything and put it in a tortilla? Tacos in any form are always a great solution for dinner and sautéing squash blossoms is easy and quick.

Squash blossom stamen

Before you cook them, just remove the inner stamen and handle with care. They literally require just a few seconds in some butter to sauté.

Squash blossom tacos

I happen to have some spinach and mushrooms in the fridge but squash blossoms would be a great addition to other vegetable sautés, especially those involving zucchini and/or tomatoes. So, I just simply sautéed the mushrooms and spinach in garlic, some spicy oregano, salt and pepper. I grilled a few tortillas and then topped with the vegetables. Right before serving, I sautéed the squash blossoms in a bit of butter and then added to each taco. We added a bit of tomatillo salsa and could have added feta or farmer's cheese, if we'd had it.

You could serve a vegetable sauté with squash blossoms as a side dish; in fact, I think that would make the beauty and delicate taste of the blossoms stand out even more. Squash blossoms are a rare treat so if you see some at a market or in your own backyard, just think how easy they are to incorporate into a meal.

Happy Eating!

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  1. Silas says:

    Fantastic tips! I have been seeking something such as this for some time now. Thanks for your insight!

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